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Dermatology Department
 Dermatology department was established in 1953, and is now one of the national key clinical programs, one of Zhejiang Provincial and Hangzhou municipal key medical disciplines, the National TCM Administrative Bureau vitiligo specific clinic, the dermatology clinical skill instruction center of Zhejiang province, the National Vitiligo Research Center of the Dermatology branch of the Chinese Medical Society, the skin disease laser treatment center of Hangzhou, and the skin disease research center of Zhejiang with the integrative treatment of TCM and Western medicines. The STD clinic of the department is among the first demonstrative clinics of standardized clinic of Zhejiang Province. The Skin Pigment Disorders Integrative Treatment Research Institute of China, and Dermatology and Venereology Institute of Hangzhou are both located in the department.
Under the leadership of the Chief Physician Xu Ai’E, an academic leader in the country, the department grew into the municipal key medical principle in 1993. In 1995, the hospital leaders set the route of development as "having dermatology lead the construction of a comprehensive hospital with special medical principles", and fully supported the department by supplying sufficient "personnel, finance, and material" supports. The overall clinic and research capa of the department boomed and became a renowned featured clinic in the country. In 1997, the department cooperated with the First Hospital of Wuhan, Tianjin Changzheng hospital, and the Seventh Hospital of Shenyang to establish a cross area cooperative net work with the bind of technology in clinical treatment, teaching, medicine making, information, and management. Such a joint work of the four powers formatted the complimentary pattern of the features of each hospital, and thus further speeded the special clinic construction of the department, making it one of the national top hospitals in the clinical treatment, teaching, and research work. Featuring in the integrative treatment with TCM and western medicine, the dermatology department is leading in the province as well as in the country in the field of skin pigment disorders, especially in vitiligo.
There are 142 staff members in the dermatology department, among whom 84 are doctors (12 chief physicians and 21 associate chief physicians), 43 nursery staff, 15 laboratory technicians, 12 MDs. In addition, all those who are under 40 years old are MMs. The department currently has skin laser treatment center, and skin phototherapy center, and STD diagnosis and treatment center and clinical experiment center, capable of carrying out a bunch of featured special clinical treatment and research experiments of vitiligo, STD, cosmetology laser therapy, psoriasis, and methyl fungi disease, and skin plastic, hair onset, and chloasma, etc. There are six national laboratories in the department, namely, cell culturing lab, immunization lab, molecular biological lab, skin pathology lab, fungi lab, and STD lab. The department also has a medicine producing center meeting the GMP standard, producing 148 kinds of effective medicines with an annual production value of more than 30 million yuan.
The dermatology department is committed to the clinical diagnosis and treatment and research of various skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. It undertakes consultations and treatment work of critical and difficult cases in the province as well as in the country. The annual outpatient visits of the department increased steadily over the years, ranking the second in the country. Doctors in the department also endeavor to clinical application studies, and have undertaken over 90 research projects, among others, 6 are supported by the National Natural Science Foundation, 3 by the Ministry of Health, 17 by Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Fund (1 important project), 1 international cooperated program supported by the provincial Department of Science and Technology, and 7 general programs. The doctors in the department had gained over 30 awards, including one first prize of the Science and Technology Award of Chinese integrative treatment with TCM and Western medicine, one second prize of Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Award, and 5 third prizes, plus 2 first prizes, 5 second prizes, and 5 third prizes of Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress Awards. They also gained 2 National patents of invention, and are applying for another 4. In the past 5 years, they have published 215 articles, among which 28 are included by the SCI, 69 in nation-wide journals (46 are theses). The department has implemented 55 new technological projects. Among others, the vitiligo treatment with cultured autologous melanocyte transplantation research program is cooperated with the New York Medical College, US, and is a program with the largest number of patients, and the largest treated area in the world. The technical level and the effect of the program is no doubt in the lead in the country.
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