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Cardiovascular Department
Cardiovascular department is technically competitive with its advanced scientific research equipments, and its featured cardiology clinical practices. It is among the top clinics in Hangzhou in terms of comprehensive strength. It consists of heart catheter room and coronary heart disease guardianship ward, equipped with series of advanced medical rescue equipment, such as DSA room, and GE vascular contrast machine,64-rowed spiral CT, and multi-channels cardiac electrophysiological polygraph, and Intra Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP), and heart monitor, and movement plate-leveling machine, and dynamic ECG machine, and dynamic blood pressure instrument, and temporary pacemaker, and anti-fibrillation pacemaker system.
Over years the department has improved its clinical treatment level year by year. It has always been in the forefront of Hangzhou cardiovascular disease control. It serves 24/7 to serve for urgent critical syndrome patients, such as myocardial infarction, and heartbeat pause. In recent years, it is brilliant with its heart intervention clinic technology, such as artificial pacemaker installation operation, and CRTD implantation operation, and coronary angiogram and stent implantation, emergent PCI operation, and bedside temporary pacemaker installation, and Oesophageal pacing.
The department has overtaken about 10 research programs, gaining 3 third prize provincial science and technology progress awards of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2 third prize provincial pharmaceutical science and technology progress awards, 2 Hangzhou medical clinical achievement awards, and 2 Hangzhou clinical achievement awards. It has also organized in years the province-wide continuing education workshops of cardiovascular integrative treatment with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.
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