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Anorectal Department
The featured clinical treatment of anorectal diseases was started in 1976 in the Third People's Hospital of Hangzhou . In early 1991, the Anorectal Department was formally established. After years of hard work and innovations, the department, right next to dermatology department, has become the second featured special treatment and service of the hospital. Anorectal has developed into an important special subject of the twelfth 5-year plan of China TCM Administrative Bureau, one of Zhejiang Province key (fostered) medical principles, one of the Zhejiang integrated treatment with TCM and Western medicine key medical specialties, one of the Hangzhou municipal key medical specialties (class I). It is also the anal intestinal disease clinic center and constipation clinic center of Zhejiang Province integrated treatment with TCM and Western medicine, and the anal intestinal disease clinic center of Hangzhou . It has housed the anal intestinal principle academic committee of Zhejiang association of the integrated treatment with TCM and Western medicine. In 2011, it was certified a national key medical special principle of the 12th 5-year plan through the expert reviews organized by China TCM Administration Bureau.
The department has 85 in-patient beds, two wards, 16 Physicians, among whom 3 are chief physicians, 6 are associate chief physicians, 5 have intermediate academic titles, and among whom 8 are MMs and 2 are MDs. The other 36 are nursery staff. Year by year, the department has seen an increasing number of out-patients, some of whom came from Japan, and Singapore, and Spain, and Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of the world.
The department has completed more than 20 provincial and municipal research programs, and is undertaking another 10 more programs, including the two supported by the National Natural Science Fund and the two sponsored by the provincial natural science fund. It has gained 7 Provincial Medical and Health Technology Innovation Awards and 1 Hangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award. It has hosted two large-scaled International Conference on constipation studies, organized eight annual provincial and national continuing education classes, training over 100 doctors from inside and outside the province. The department has cultivated 17 postgraduates, and is still guiding the diagnosis and treatment of anorectal diseases in another 7 hospitals or medical establishments in the province.
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