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About the Hospital

The Third People's Hospital of Hangzhou, founded in 1950, is a Grade Three municipal comprehensive hospital. It is the affiliated hospital of Zhejiang University of TCM, the Hangzhou Clinical Institute of Anhui Medical University, the graduate training base of Zhejiang University of TCM and Anhui Medical University.?
The hospital has been awarded with many titles, such as "The National Model Hospital in Culture and Ethics Promotion", “The Public-Chosen Demonstrative Hospital in the Country”, "The Civilization Model Hospital of Zhejiang Province", "The Green Hospital of Zhejiang Province ", and one of the first elected "Hangzhou Brands", to name a few.
The subordinated institutes of the hospital are:
Zhejiang Technical Instruction Center of Diagnosing and Treating Skin Disease
Zhejiang TCM and Western Medicine Integrative Dermatology Research Center
Hangzhou Dermatolovenereology Institute
Hangzhou Institute of Fracture Healing Stimulin
Hangzhou Dermatosis Laser Treatment Center
Hangzhou Anorectal Treatment Center
Hangzhou Vascular Surgery Center
Hangzhou Urology Minimally Invasive Treatment Center

In 2001 the hospital passed the international quality certification--ISO9001: 2000 organized by the PAL Company from the United Kingdom, and was confirmed in 2002 the secondary level measurement quality certification organized by Zhejiang Technical Supervision Bureau.
The hospital has a staff of 1256 and ratified 600 in-patient beds. The departments of the hospital are:
Hematology Endocrinology
Respiratory Medicine
Renal Medicine
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Hemodialysis Centers
Vascular Surgery
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Institute of Dermatology
Dermatology I, II, III, and IV
Laser Cosmetology
Skin Surgery
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Division of Mental Health
Infectious Diseases
Physical Inspection
Special Inspection
Besides, the hospital provides 38 specific disease clinical services, among others, vitiligo, hypertension, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, and etc.

Dermatology of the hospital is a national key special clinic construction project and a provincial key medical discipline construction project. Its vitiligo treatment is the special treating center nominated by the China Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicines. Its anorectal department has been selected as one of the key specialties by the China Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicines into its Twelfth Five-year Plan, and as one of the Zhejiang Province key (supported ) medical disciplines. Its oncology, neurology, and pharmacy are Hangzhou municipal key disciplines. The hospital has installed MRI MR, DSA, DR, CR, 64-slice spiral CT, color B-ultrasonic, hemodialysis machine and other advanced medical equipments to ensure the clinical diagnosis and treatment.

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